Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Sexiest Home Show Hosts - Hot Females HGTV, DIY

Home shows might seem to be chick TV, but HGTV and DIY boast some of the hottest hosts on television. Both DIY and HGTV have some super sexy home show hosts that know how to do subway tile and also can make any red-blooded American male very excited. Keep reading to see more hot photos of sexy home show hosts such as Christina El Moussa, Joanna Gaines, ex-Bachelorette Jillian Harris, Genevieve Gorder, Nicole Curtis, Kortney Wilson, Danielle Bryk, and more. Check out these hot HGTV and DIY hosts in sexy bikinis and hot Instagram shots.
There are many hot home show hosts on HGTV and DIY, but Christina El Moussa is likely the queen. The Flip or Flop hostess is a walking smoke show. Tarek was a fucking idiot to not do everything in his power to stay with Flip or Flop sexy host Christina El Moussa. The sexy home show host is not afraid to show off her body in amazing bikinis and sexy photos on Instagrams. Even when she is just playing with her kids, sexy Christina El Moussa looks hot.
Christina El Moussa is arguably the hottest home show host. says the sexy Flip or Flop star is a slim 5-foot-9 but still boasts an hourglass body. The website says that sexy Christina El Moussa has sexy body measurements of 35-24-35. says the Flip or Flop hottie has 32C breasts. They look spectacular in bikinis so some people think that Christina El Moussa has fake breasts. However. says that the Flip or Flop hottie does not have breast implants and that her curves are all natural.
It’s about her family business, which is flipping real estate. However, many of her fans also noticed how hot Christina looks whenever she wears something tight. She has great body measurements. Her attractive figure has large natural breasts and slim waist” -
HGTV and DIY seem like Fox News at times with all of their drop-dead gorgeous blonde hostesses – like ChristinaEl Moussa. However, sexy Joanna Gaines breaks that mould. The stunning Fixer Upper star has dark hair and beautiful dark skin tone.
Joanna Gaines is a sexy home show host on Fixer Upper with husband Chip. She is most definitely a MILF.
Unlike many of the sexy HGTV and DIY home show hosts on this list, Fixer Upper beauty Joanna Gaines does not show off her body in sexy bikinis on Instagram. This all natural beauty still looks hot even if she is not flaunting her amazing MILF body. Sexy Joanna Gaines is 5-foo-7 and says she has measurements of 34-26-35. The website says Gaines has small 32B breasts.
Alison Victoria is a sexy home show host. The bombshell is perhaps best know for her work on Kitchen Crashers on the DIY Network. If you are looking to learn how to renovate your kitchen by watching Kitchen Crashers, you likely will have to watch the episode many times because you will just yourself just staring at sexy host Alison Victoria’s amazing body.
Kitchen Crashers hot host Alison Victoria is unafraid to show off her amazing body in photoshoots and in sexy Instagram photos, You don’t have to look too hard on her hot Instagram feed to find sexy pics of Alison Victoria in bikinis, boots, and other hot outfits.

Alison Victoria has a pretty face and nice hair. However, it is her amazing body that attracts the most attention. The 5-foot tall sexy home show host has hot body measurements of 35-25-36, according to Check out Alison Victoria’s sexy Instagram photos on this page to see if you think those body measurements are accurate.

One of Alison Victoria’s most attractive features are her amazing breasts. Her tits look amazing in bikinis on Instagram. Bodymeasurements org says Alison Victoria has 32C breasts. While they are large for her petite, hourglass frame, said that Alison Victoria does not have implants and that her large breasts are all natural.

Nicole Curtis is a petite stunning blonde hottie who hosts the home show Rehab Addict. The sexy Nicole Curtis is a hard worker who isn’t afraid to get dirty. While at work, she is definitely covered, but says that “Curtis often wears tight undershirts and skinny jeans. That makes her attractive measurements really stand out.” says the hot home show host Nicole Curtis has a petite hourglass frame. The website, which keeps track of the measurements of sexy celebrities, says the sexy Nicole Curtis has a “She has a slim waist and perfect curves.” says that the 5-foot-3 cutie Nicole Curtis has 36-24-35 measurements. She has a pretty face and 34B cup breasts.
Trading Spaces made a star of sexy home show host and designer bombshell Genevieve Gorder. While first host Alex was hot and second host Paige Davis and carpenter Amy Wynn Pastor were cute, male home show fans and lesbians waited with baited breath for Genevieve Gorder to be on a Trading Spaces episode. They didn’t give a shit about the Trading Spaces room transformation Genevieve Gorder but rather relished the opportunity to stare at the sexy blonde and her great figure. said of sexy Genevieve Gorder:
“This stunning blonde has a very attractive hourglass shaped figure with large natural breasts, slim waist, and round hips. Pretty much the ideal measurements.”

The website says that Gorder is a striking 5-foot-10. The Trading Spaces hottie is said to have measurements of 37-26-37. Bodymeasurements,org says Genevieve Gorder has 36C breasts. These nice natural boobs look amazing on her frame – even has the Trading Spaces hottie has aged.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Sexiest photos of Katie Emmer - hot young sportscaster

Check out the sexiest photos of stunning young sportscaster Katie Emmer. The very pretty young sportscaster won the Jim Nantz Award as the College Sportscaster of the Year. Sexy Katie Emmer was the first female to win that award. She stunned fans and broke hearts at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota.

On her Instagram. Emmer posts sexy photos. She doesn't do outlandish Instagram belfies or flesh baring Kim Kardashian like butt shots but she is very sexy. Sexy Katie Emmer is not afraid to wear a bikini.

All photos are from Katie Emmer's Instagram. The hot young sportscaster often posts tasteful but sexy photos on Instagram. As the winner of the prestigious Jim Nantz Award, Katie Emmer is as talented a sportscaster as she is pretty. Look for her on ESPn and Fox one day with such talented and hot broadcasters as Erin Andrews, Charissa Thompson, and Michelle Beadle.