Friday, August 22, 2014

Sexy Meryl Davis and Danica McKellar rock bikinis for ALCS ice bucket challenge

Meryl Davis and Danica McKellar rock bikinis while doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
Dancing With The Stars apparently has helped a couple of hotties be friends. Former Wonder Years star Danica McKellar, I had a huge crush on girl next door on Winnie Cooper, and sexy Olympic ice dancer Meryl Davis apparently are besties. My thoughts instantly turn to the beautiful Meryl Davis and 90s teen crush Danica McKellar having a slumber party complete with lingerie and a pillow fight.

See Meryl Davis in a Bikini!

Hotties Danica McKellar and Meryl Davis, who is an ice dancer not a figure skater, teamed up for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. They looked awesome in bikinis. McKellar certainly has aged well and looks sexy in a bikini. Davis and McKellar nominated their pro partners Maksim and Val Chmerkovskiy.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Check out Iggy Azalea's hot ass; Lakers guard Nick Young's sexy girlfriend has amazing ass

Sexy singer Iggy Azalea shows offer her amazing, large ass and sexy bikini body with boyfriend Nick Young, who plays for the LA Lakers.  From perezhilton
How did LA Lakers guard Nick Young land sexy "Fancy" singer Iggy Azalea and her hot ass? The hot Iggy, who also sang on "Problem" with sexy Ariana Grande, has one fantastic ass! There is no doubt that Iggy Azalea's butt is big and amazing.

Iggy Azalea struts her amazing sexy ass in this gif from
According to, hot Aussie singe/rapper Iggy Azalea is 5-foot-10 and weighs 132 pounds. The popular body measurement site puts Iggy Azalea's measurements at 32-23-37 and says she has a 32B bra size.

Iggy Azalea is known for her rapping, singing "Fancy" and guesting on Grande's "Problem", dating Lakers guard Nick Young, and for her amazing ass. Image By: Getty Images / Imeh Akpanudosen
The and websites agree that hot singer Iggy Azalea has body measurements of 32-23-37 but they puts her bra size at 32A and says that the blonde bombshell's tits fit into an A-cup size bra. Celebsfact says the tall 5-foot-10 stunning beauty has a pear-shaped body. The says Iggy fills out a 32B bra and has 32-23-37 measurements, which accounts for her awesome booty. says that Iggy "
She has slim waist with flat belly and round wide hips."

Iggy Azalea's hot ass looks pretty amazing in this tight, white skirt. This picture of Iggy's ass from Instagram
The website says that Iggy Azalea has a 32B bra size and has breast implants. Most other sites that the tits of Nick Young's girlfriend are real and natural.

If you want to see some more sexy asses, check out:
Misty May-Traynor's bikini clad ass
Jennifer Selter's ass is amazing in yoga pants
Serena William's nude bum
Alex Morgan's sexy ass in a thong

Check out this amazing gif of sexy singer Iggy Azalea and her amazing ass in super small booty shorts
Sexy singer Iggy Azalea has been pretty up front about having a huge ass on her sexy body. Iggy, who hangs out with fellow sexy singer Rota Ora, says that there are seven problems that only girls with big asses understand:

  1. “Walking down the aisle of a fucking bus.
  2. You understand the “pool dilemma.” Got put a wrap on,

  3. Wearing itty-bitty booty shorts is tricky. Iggy says big asses have cellulite.

  4. Can’t wear full-bottom briefs. Iggy says she only wears G-strings. Yeah!

  5. It’s hard to find flattering white pants.

  6. You need lots of Spanx.

  7. People stare at you but don’t compliment your face

Jenn Selter isn't the only one who looks amazing in yoga pants. Iggy Azalea's huge ass is awesome. Ass photo from Tumblr


Friday, August 15, 2014

TMZ: Kelly Slater says Sports Illustrated Swimsuit babe and Victoria's Secret Angel Marisa Miller is the top celebrity surfer

Marisa Miller and her 32D natural breasts look amazing in a swiimsuit and on a surfboard. This photo is from the Surf Magazine Swimsuit Special 2008.
As an 11-time ASP World Tour surfing champion, Kelly Slater certainly knows how to hang ten. The surfing superstar, who won five consecutive titles (1994–98), was recently asked who was the best celebrity surfer.

Who did Kelly Slater say was the best celebrity surfer? Did he go with Red Hot Chili Peppers rocker Anthony Kiedis, True Love and Dallas Buyers Club actor Matthew McConaughey, Charlie's Angels hottie Cameron Diaz, or two-time Academy Award winner Sean Penn? Nope, Kelly Slater told TMZ that Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Marisa Miller is the top celebrity surfer.

"She's impressive," said Slater, who won his first world surfing title at 20 and his 11th at the age of 39. This makes him both the youngest and oldest to have won a world surfing title.

Slater went on to explain that Victoria's Secret Angel Marisa Miller is an impressive celebrity surfer because she rides a short board. Kelly Slater said that a lot of people who do not surf regularly ride long boards. Miller rips using a short board.

Marisa Miller is best known for rocking swimsuits and bikinis in the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and looking amazing in Victoria's Secret lingerie, bras, and panties. The hottie celeb surfer is not afraid of going topless, being seen nude in only bodypaint, and showing some great side boob.

According to, Miller is 5-foot-8, weighs 110 pounds, and has amazing body measurements of 36-23-35. The celebrity measurement website says busty Marisa Miller's bra size is 32D and that her large breasts are all natural. No implants here!

Shockingly,  the celebrity bra size and measurement website, states, as of Aug. 15, 2014, that Marisa Miller's bra size is 34B. Miller's beautiful breasts are much bigger than that.

Sexy Marisa Miller was born in 1978 in Santa Cruz, California. With her amazing beach body, All-American blonde hair, and love of surfing, hottie Marisa Miller definitely looks like a California girl. Miller is rumored to have dated NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt Junior.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bloggers stop Sports Illustrated bombshell Kate Upton from posing nude

Kate Upton won't go fully naked, but she stuns in her large boobs with body paint. Photo from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
Many, many happy Sports Illustrated readers have seen a lot of bombshell model Kate Upton and her amazing bobs. We got to see her in zero gravity, body paint, topless, in a wet T-shirt, and watched her do the Cat Daddy online. However, men want to see even more of the gorgeous Kate Upton and her amazing chest.
Kate Upton's breasts and nipples look great in a wet T-shirt in a photo shoot for GQ by Terry Richardson.
But the sexy Kate Upton, who dates Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, says that she has not gone fully naked on film yet because of her concern of what bloggers, Internet trolls, and others would say.
“Your body is art, your body is beautiful, and to be photographed in that way is amazing and it’s received in a very positive way.
“But with social media and the internet and not-so-great blogs and the attention like that, I don’t think that my pictures would be received in the way that I’d want them to be received.
“That’s why I’ve stayed away from them.
“I really appreciate those photos and I think those women are beautiful, but I think social media and the internet has prevented me from putting myself out there like that.”
 This is disappointing. We feel that if Ms. Kate Upton got naked that people would be very, very happy. Keep scrolling for more photos of the gorgeous Kate Upton.
Kate Upton shows off her cute ass in a bra and a sexy thong.

Kate Upton shows some great side boob and ass cheeks while wearing body paint in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.
Kate Upton must have been nippling out in the cold but she covers herself up with a white muff in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

Tony Stewart Accident: Check out the hotties the NASCAR champ has dated

Tony Stewart likes his women blonde, leggy, and hot. Sexy songbird Taylor Swift certainly fulfills that criteria. However, as far as we know, the NASCAR driver is not dating Ms. Swift. Read on to see who Tony Stewart has dated.
 Three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champ Tony Stewart is in news after hitting and killing fellow driver Kevin Ward Jr. at Canandaigua Motorsports Park, a dirt track in New York state. Scroll down to learn more about the fatal accident in which Tony Stewart's car hit a fellow driver.

Former NASCAR champ Tony Stewart is known for his driving ability, love of sprint car dirt track racing, his temper, and apparently his ability to get hot girls. A Rolling Stone article from September of 2008 states:
The only thing Stewart enjoys more than a race car and a fight, it seems, is women. Over the course of a race weekend, he's approached by dozens of them, each more long-legged, doe-eyed and blond than the last. Inside the NASCAR bubble, these gals are called "pit lizards," and they prowl the inner sanctum at tracks throughout the year.
"My parents are afraid my dick's gonna rot off," Stewart says.
Sexy blonde Tara Roquemore used to date NASCAR driver Tony Stewart. Her mother has spoken out about his temper.
Tara Roquemore is one of NASCAR driver Tony Stewart's former blonde bombshell girlfriends. Since the accident in which Kevin Ward Jr. lost his life, Tara Roquemore's mother has spoken out about Stewart being a "“egotistical, selfish, self-centered, narcissistic SOB," according to
“To me, it looked like the car in front of Tony swerved to miss the guy, then he went straight,” said Karen Kirk, whose hot daughter dated Stewart in 2005, 2006 and 2007, said on “But I don’t think [Tony] would have intentionally hit him. Look, I don’t like him personally, but I don't think he's capable of murder."
Still, she says, “He does have a hot head and he needs to go to anger management!”
Tony Stewart plays grab ass with DeLana Harvick, wife of Kevin Harvick.
While Tony Stewart has reportedly never date or had sex with DeLana Harvick, wife of NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick, the pair apparently have a very close relationship. Tony Stewart is well known for grabbing DeLana Harvick's ass. Scroll down for a link to the video of Tony Stewart goosing hot blonde DeLana Harvick. According to the Sports News, it is all about good luck:
“I drove for them (in Nationwide) for a long time and we have a great friendship with them and it always makes her jump, so it’s something that we’ve always joked around about and talked about being good luck,” Stewart said Tuesday during an appearance to promote the October race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.
“It’s normally good luck for us. You do what works. I’m just glad that picking my nose wasn’t the thing that was good luck.”
Stewart and the Harvicks are good friends, and Kevin Harvick was standing near his wife when Stewart grabbed a handful of buttcheek.
“I didn’t even know that anybody even saw it,” Stewart said. “It wasn’t something that was out of the normal for us. Kevin comes up and gets me, I get DeLana, DeLana gets both of us. … We’ve always joked around and horsed around like that.
“It just seemed when it got caught on camera, it was a lot bigger deal for some reason.”

Jessica Zemken is a dirt track driver and hot blonde who used to date NASCAR driver Tony Stewart.
More recently Tony Stewart dated dirt track driver Jessica Zemken. She is the daughter of veteran driver Ray Zemken. The hot blonde certainly knows here way around the race track. She has a a pretty face, nice smile, and a pretty great race. Would you put her in the same class as Danica Patrick, Pippa Mann, and other racing hotties?
Devan Adamek used to date Tony Stewart

Devan Adamek also used to reportedly knock boots with Tony Stewart. We can see why Tony Stewart would be interested!
Jessica Zemken
Jessica Zemken
Jessica Zemken
Sexy Jamie Shaffer dated NASCAR's Tony Stewart
Stewart also dated Jamie Shaffer. She once reportedly worked in marketing for No Fear.
Krista Dwyer and Tony Stewart were once engaged.
Krista Dwyer perhaps came closer than any other hottie of walking down the aisle with Tony Stewart. The blonde was engaged to the former NASCAR champ.

Watch the video of Tony Stewart grabbing the ass of DeLana Harvick.

Tony Stewart Accident
According to
"The car driven by Ward collided with Stewart’s car on the previous lap, leaving Ward’s car with a flat tire and pushed into the wall. As officials threw a caution, Ward left his car and began walking down the track and apparently calling out Stewart before being clipped and dragged some 50 feet by Stewart’s car."

Krista Dwyer

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sportsnet launches its 2014 The Beauty of Sport issue

Dara Howell looks sexy in a black bikini on the cover of Sportsnet's The Beauty of Sport issue. Photo courtesy of Sportsnet
 In the spirit of ESPN's The Body Issue and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Sportsnet magazine is bringing its annual The Beauty of Sport issue. According to the image posted on the Sportsnet Facebook page, 2014 Olympic gold medal winning slopestyle skier Dara Howell is The Beauty of Sport issue covergirl. The X Games bronze medalist looks smoking hot in a black bikini that shows off Howell's toned body. Check out hot Dara Howell in a bikini below and keep scrolling down to see the rest of the hot women in Sportsnet Beauty of Sport issue. The issue, kind of a mashup of the ESPN the Body Issue and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, features Canadian sports hotties.
Dara Howell runs in a tiny black bikini. Photo courtesy of Sportsnet from Beauty of Sport issue
Meghan Agosta-Marciano hangs out with a wolf in what looks to be a black sports bra and small black panties. Photo courtesy of Sportsnet from Beauty of Sport issue
Meghan Agosta-Marciano
The three-time Olympic gold medal winning hockey player is a sports hottie. She is married to some lucky stuff named Marco Marciano. Not only does her get to see hockey hottie Meghan Agosta-Marciano naked, but he also has a great gig as the the Canadian national women's team goaltending and video coach.
Olympic medal winning diver Jennifer Abel looks hot in a black one-piece swimsuit. Photo courtesy of Sportsnet from Beauty of Sport issue
Jennifer Abel
The beautiful French diver won a bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics with partner Emilie Heymans. At the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, cutie Jennifer Abel won a gold medal in one-metre springboard on Friday, defending her title in the event from the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, as well she won silver in the women’s three-metre springboard competition and teamed with young teammate teammate Pamela Ware for silver in the women’s three-metre synchronized springboard event.

Sexy speed skater Alexandra Ianculescu poses in what looks like a black bikini up in the mountains. Photo courtesy of Sportsnet from Beauty of Sport issue
Alexandra Ianculescu
Canadian speed skater Alexandra Ianculescu looks like the girl next door ... if the girl next door was an international-level athlete. Earlier this year beautiful Alexandra Ianculescu posted a career best time of  2.00,77 for the 1500m.

Field hockey player Kathleen Leahy looks hot in a white sports bra and field hockey shorts standing in front of snow in the Canadian mountains. Photo courtesy of Sportsnet from Beauty of Sport issue
 Kathleen Leahy
This cute women's filed hockey player is definitely one hot coed! Kathleen Leahy, who looks good in the latest Sportsnet Beauty of Sport issue, was named to the University of Victoria's Circle of Champions and received a Varsity Highlight Award. The Canadian national team athlete was a finalist for UVic's Female Athlete of the Year and the Chancellor's Award.

Sports hottie Rachel Machin bugs a buffalo while wearing a sexy black bikini.Photo courtesy of Sportsnet from Beauty of Sport issue
Rachel Machin
The stunning Rachel Machin is a high-level high jumper who is now focused on the heptathlon.  Using her toned boxy, shown off in the Sportsnet Beauty of Sport issues, former University of Calgary female athlete of the year Rachel Machin competes in the 100 meter hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200 metres, long jump, javelin throw and 800 meter run.

Hot runner Melissa Bishop shows off her sexy abs and a feathered friend in what looks like a black bikini. Photo courtesy of Sportsnet from Beauty of Sport issue
Melissa Bishop
Blonde hottie Melissa Bishop competes in the 800 meter run. Sexy Melissa Bishop competed the the 2012 Olympics in the 800. She is  only the third Canadian woman to achieve a time under 2:00 minutes in the 800m.

Kirsten Moore-Towers is a hot blonde pairs figure skater who competed at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. Photo courtesy of Sportsnet from Beauty of Sport issue
Kirsten Moore-Towers
Sexy pairs figure skaters Kirsten Moore-Towers looks strong and hot in some sort of black swimsuit/workout gear in the Beauty of Sport issue. Skating hottie Kirsten Moore-Towers skated in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi with Dylan Moscovitch.The sexy pairs partnership ended earlier this year. Kirsten Moore-Towers is now skating with Michael Marinaro. Moore-Towers' new partner team with the pretty Margaret Purdy to win the silver medals at the 2013 World Junior championships.

Natasha Wodak is in Sportsnet's Beauty of Sport issue. The blone sports hottie is no newcomer to being a magazine cover girl. Wodak and her killer smile were on the cover of Canadian Running. Photo from Wodak's blog.
Sexy runner Natasha Wodak poses topless in the Photo courtesy of Sportsnet Beauty of Sport issue

Natasha Wodak
Blonde cutie Natasha Wodak is a runner. Here are some of this running hottie's recent results:
Jun 14, 2014
Dominion Lending Centres Adventure Challenge - Short Course
Natasha Wodak 70 70/126 2:42:34
Mar 23, 2014
Modo Spring Run-Off 8K - 8 km
Natasha Wodak Vancouver 6 1/77 26:39 (26:37)
Oct 20, 2013
Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon - Marathon
Natasha Wodak 30 3/206 2:35:16
Sep 21, 2013
Oasis Zoo Run - 10 km
Natasha WODAK Port Moody 27 1/324 0:35:13.3 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hot or Not: Check out Jen Selter's hot ass

Belfie queen Jen Selter shows off her naked ass. Selter has become famous for showing her ass on Twitter and Instagram.
Jen Selter has a hot ass. Jen Selter's big bubble butt is followed by millions of people on Instagram and Twitter. Scroll down to see more of Jen Selter's hot ass.
Instagram photos like this helped make Jenn Selter and her amazing ass an Instagram star.
Jen Selter's ass certainly gets a lot of attention on Instagram and Twitter. But is Jenn Selter hot? Not everyone thinks so. This is what Latinapassion wrote on
She has a nice butt, but I just don't consider her ass THAT good. She has many pics of her arching her back, looks a bit ridiculous... She has a small bubble butt but playing with the camera angle can make something look bigger.
Jen Selter's ass looks amazing in tights and yoga pants.
Jen Selter, according to, has body measurements of 36-28-38 and has a pear shaped body, which means she holds her weight in that hot ass. says Instagram star Jen Selter is 5-foot-5, weighs 121.3 pounds, has a BMI of 19.7, and an hourglass body shape. There have been articles about although Jen Selter's hot ass is all real, she did have plastic surgery on her nose. The website says Jen Selter has a pear body shape, has 34-23-36 measurements, a 32B bra size, is 5-foot-6, and weighs 125 pounds.

In tight pink workout pants and a black sports bra, Jen Selter's ass looks awesome. Does she also have a pretty face?
About Jen Selter, says:
"She has toned figure with flat belly. However, buttocks are the most famous part of her body. She has large round firm ass cheeks ad people argue online if that’s result of extensive workout or possible butt implants." 
"I started posting motivating fitness pictures and quotes that got me up and wanting to work out," Selter told PEOPLE magazine. "When I randomly added a photo of my own body, I saw a lot of likes." No shit! Everyone wants to see Jen Selter's hot ass.
Can't tell exactly but it looks like Jen Selter is taking a selfie while where a small black bikini or a small black panties and bra. Her 32B tits look pretty good in this selfie.
As you can see from the pics on this page Jen Selter's ass looks pretty great in everything. Jen Selter looks hot in lingerie, black panties, bikini bottoms, sexy yoga pants, and tights.
Jen Selter looks great in lingerie.
"I have around 300 or 400 pairs of leggings," Jen Selter said in People magazine "People think I wear the same black pair every day but it's not true – I have like 100 of those."
Why are we talking about Instagram star Jen Selter and her hot ass on the oursportshotties blog? Because Jen Selter must definitely work out to have an ass like that! But is Jen Selter hot? Write a comment below.
Jen Selter's ass looks amazing in the setting sun on a dock.
Jen Selter's ass is definitely impressive. There are a lot of athletes with hot asses as well: sexy volleyball player Misty May Traynor, Serena Williams, and Alex Morgan, just to name a few. How do you think Jen Selter's ass stacks up to that of sports hotties? Comment below whether you think Jen Selter is hot or not!
Jen Selter stuns in a blue bikini that shows off her amazing butt, toned abs, strong legs, and decent breasts.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sexy Serena Williams, dynamite Danica Patrick top 2014 most popular female athlete list

Sexy Serena Williams looks amazing in a skimpy bikini. A Harris Poll says that tennis hottie Serena Williams tops the 10 Most Popular Female Athletes of 2014 List.
Tennis hottie Serena Williams has topped the Harris Poll's 10 Most Popular Female Athletes of 2014 List. The list also includes sexy race car driver Danica Patrick, who is now a Nascar hottie after being a sexy Indy car driver.

Check out the Harris Poll's 10 Most Popular Female Athletes of 2014 List here:
1. Serena Williams - With those big breasts and amazing ass, Serena Williams impressed with more than her great serve and amazing forehand. See Serena Williams nude.

Nascar hottie Danica Patrick stuns in a small bikini and high heels.
2. Danica Patrick - Danica Patrick has long been one of sports' hottest athletes. See more Danica Patrick and fellow race car hottie Pippa Mann.
Sexy tennis player Venus Williams went nude in the ESPN The Body Issue.
 3. Venus Williams - Serena gets a lot of attention, but leggy Venus Williams is also a tennis playing hottie. See more Venus Williams.

Blonde and sexy Maria Sharapova poses in a polka dot bikini for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.
4. Maria Sharapova - Sexy Maria Sharapova won the 2014 French Open, beating sexy young Canadian bombshell Eugenie Bouchard. Check out sexy Maria Sharapova's muscles.
Milf Mia Hamm was a late 1990s sex symbol.
5. Mia Hamm - Former soccer player Mia Hamm still gets attention for her girl next door looks, helping the U.S. win the World Cup and an Olympic gold medal, and being married to Nomar Garciaparra.
Sexy skier and Tiger Woods' girlfriend Lindsey Vonn looks hot in a bikini in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
6 (TIE). Lindsey Vonn - Sexy blonde bombshell Lindsey Vonn gets most attention now for dating Tiger Woods, but the skiing hottie sure can carve up the slopes. Is Lindsey Vonn hotter now that she is banging golfer Tiger Woods? Check out how hot Tiger Woods' ex Elin Nordegren is.
Billie Jean King won the Battle of the Sexes and is still popular.
6 (TIE). Billie Jean King - Lesbian and history making former tennis player.
Alex Morgan's ass looks amazing in this thing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
8 (TIE). Alex Morgan -Sexy soccer player Alex Morgan is America's sporting sweetheart. With her beautiful face, hot body, and soccer skills, Alex Morgan has won over drooling men, horny teenage boys, soccer moms, and girls. The sad news is that the soccer hottie is engaged.

Chris Evert was a tennis hottie and still looks great.
8 (TIE). Chris Evert - The former tennis player was one of the first sports hotties that I can remember.

Volleyball hottie Misty May Treanor has a pretty face, but it is her great ass and game that most people talk about.
10. Misty May Treanor - The volleyball hottie earned three Olympic gold medals with partner Kerrie Walsh: 2004, 2008, 2012. Known for her amazing ass, Misty May Treanor has retired from  competitive volleyball. Kerrie Walsh Jennings is now playing with April Ross. See more of Misty May's ass.

Mighty Kacy Catanzaro is one hot American Ninja Warrior; see hottest pics

Sexy Mighty Kacy Catanzaro of American Ninja Warrior wows in a black bikini.
Not only is Kacy Catanzaro one amazing American Ninja Warrior competitor, but she is also super hot. The 5-foot cutie has an amazing smile and a sexy, toned body. Check out the hottest picks of Mighty Kacy on this page. Sexy Kacy Catanzaro became the first woman to qualify for the finals of American Ninja Warrior.
See other sexy American Ninja Warriors: Natalie Duran, Jessie Graff and Meagan Martin.

With her killer smile and amazing skill, former gymnast Mighty Kacy Catanzaro became the first woman to complete the American Ninja Warrior course. By making ANW history, she became a Youtube and online sensation.
Mighty Kacy Catanzaro was a standout NCAA gymnast at Towson University. The hot gymnast was named Southeast Regional Gymnast of the Year by the National Collegiate Athletics Association.

Sexy Mighty Kacy looks hot in stars and stripes.
Mighty Kacy Catanzaro trained for two years for American Ninja Warrior. She blew everyone away with her great looks and how she became the first woman to complete the American Ninja Warrior qualifying course. The course is hard for everyone, but especially for sexy Kacy Catanzaro because of her height (5-feet, she is also 100 pounds) and short arms. But Mighty Kacy beat the American Ninja Warrior course. Everyone watched the inspiring Mighty Kacy on Youtube beat the American Ninja Warrior qualifying course.

The saddest news about Mighty Kacy is that the American Ninja Warrior history maker is dating Brett Steffensen. Kacy shows off her sexy, tight body in a black sports bra and pink short shorts.
Unfortunately sexy Kacy Catanzaro has a longtime boyfriend. Brett Steffensen is a four-time American Ninja Warrior competitor. Mighty Lacy's boyfriend is a stuntman and has worked on the CW's Arrow.
UPDATED December 2018 - new sexy pics of Kacy:

Old pics:

Mighty Kacy is one sexy kitty.

With her sexy smile, dimples and skill, Mighty Kacy won over everyone on America Ninja Warrior.