Friday, September 22, 2017

Cláudia Gadelha: Sexiest Photos of UFC Hotties' Ass and Abs

Claudia Gadelha looks sexy in a thing bikini that shows off her great ass.
Claudia Gadelha is not only a great UFC fighter - she is also one of the UFC's hottest fighters. The UFC Fight Night: Saint Preux vs. Okami competitor is a definite MMA fighter. You have come to the right place to see the sexiest photos of  C;audia Gadelha in bikinis, panties, bras. and other states of undress. Keep scrolling for more sexy photos of Claudia Gadelha!
MMA hottie Claudia Gadelha comes from one sexy family! She posted this topless photos on Instagram of her and her sisters in thongs for Sisters Day. Their amazing asses are on display in white thongs.
One thing that stands out about sexy UFC fighter Claudia Gadelha is her ass! She has one of the greatest asses in MMA! Check out that thing! It is not Kim Kardashian huge, but it has a great shape. UFC hottie Claudia Gadelha pleases the crowd when she strips down to weighin and her bikini panties are wedged into her perfect ass. She has great butt cheeks! Scroll for more great Claudia Gadelha ass pictures.
Claudia Gadelha shows off her awesome ass at weighin in a small bikini bottom that displays her butt cheeks.
Who has the best ass in the UFC? Sexy MMA fighter Claudia Gadelha and her great backside would be tough to beat! Do you think Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, Felice Herrig, Michelle Watterson, Paige VanZant, Jessica Penne or anyone else has a better MMA ass than Claudia Gadelha?
Claudia Gadelha's sexy ass is on display in this leopard print thing. Claudia Gadelha also shows off her amazing tattoos.
Another standout characteristic about Claudia Gadelha is her abs! Her stomach is a pretty awesome six pack! Sexy UFC fighter Claudia Gadelha has great abs! You could go down to the rivera nd do your washing on Claudia Gadelha's sexy abs!
In this Instagram selfie photo Claudia Gadelha puts her awesome abs on display while in a sports bra and panties in front of a mirror.
Hot UFC fighter Claudia Gadelha has small breasts. In some pictures they look pretty amazing. Gadelha's tits ares mall but they seem to have a nice shape to them. You would be pretty happy if you had the chance to motorboat Claudia Gadelha's breasts. How big do you think Claudia Gadelha's tits are? I don't know Claudia Gadelha's bra size or body measurements but I think teh sexy MMA fighter's tits are about a B-cup.
Claudia Gadelha's tits look great in this small black bra that the MMA hottie pairs with sexy pink cut off shorts. Eat your heart out Daisy Duke!
Claudia Gadelha  has a very toned and hot body. another thing that makes her sexy is her face. She has beautiful eyes and mouth. Claudia Gadelha has amazing abs and a great ass but her pretty face also makes her one of the sexiest MMA fighters today!
Claudia Gadelha has a stunning smile!
Great hair can make a pretty girl even sexier. Claudia Gadelha has night hair,. It is long and dark and probably looks really good when hair whipping during sex! Claudia Gadelha often shaves part of her head. Due to her very sexy body and pretty face, Claudia Gadelha pulls off this look.
Claudia Gadelha looking sexy with a shaved head.
One of the sexiest things about hot UFC fighter Claudia Gadelha is that she isn't afraid to show off her toned and sexy body. Claudia Gadelha poses in bikinis, panties, sports bras, and more. She posts often on Instagram. A lot of Claudia Gadelha's sexy Instagram posts are of her in bikinis, panties, bikini tops, or small bras. She is careful about out cutting weight for fights and often strips down to show off her body in panties and bikinis.

Sexy UFC fighter Claudia Gadelha poses for a photo shoot in a sexy black lace thing and sexy bra.
Claudia Gadelha stuns in a sexy white bikini. 
Claudia Gadelha always posts sexy Instagram selfies when she is cutting weight for her next UFC fight.

Claudia Gadelha looking sexy in this Instagram selfie where she is in a bra and Calvin Klein undies.
Claudia Gadelha somersaults into the pool in a sexy bikini.
Claudia Gadelha looking sexy!

Yet another sexy Instagram selfie of Claudia Gadelha in a small black bra that shows off her tits and small white Calvin Klein undies.
Claudia Gadelha looking sexy in a white shirt.

Mirrored shades and a shaved head make Claudia Gadelha look sexy.

Claudia Gadelha: Abs and tattoos

Pretty awesome Claudia Gadelha Instagram seflie

Claudia Gadelha shows off her tiger tattoo in tiny black panties and bra

Claudia Gadelha's tatoos look great in her workout gear

Topless Claudia Gadelha shows off her huge and sexy back tattoos in a small white thong

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hotties of UFC 215: Valentina Shevchenko, Ashlee Evans-Smith, Sarah Moras

Sexy UFC fighter Valentina Shevchenko looks awesome in a bikini showing off her strong, toned, sexy fighter.
UFC 215 in Edmonton has a great mixed martial arts card with two title fights. The September 9 fight card at Rogers Place also features some of the sexiest women in the UFC. UFC 215 has three female bouts. Stripping off for the weigh-ins and taking to the cage are some of the UFC's sexiest, most toned, prettiest, and most tattooed hotties. Keep reading to hot photos and learn more of some of the UFC's sexiest female fighters. Hopefully at least a couple of these women will weigh in nude for UFC 215.
Wearing a small bikini top UFC champ Amanda Nunes faces off against MMA hottieValentina Shevchenko, who is in a UFC bikini top and black bikini bottoms
The final fight of UFC 215 will be the flyweight title match between Demetrious Johnson and Ray Borg, Female UFC fans and lovers of attractive women hole that the women's bantamweight title tilt between champion Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko will also be entertaining. Fans have been anxiously waiting for Nunes vs. Shevchenko, especially after Nunes pulled out of fighting her at UFC 213. Nunes was in the hospital because of chronic sinusitis.
Valentina Shevchenko shows off her amazing ass in cheeky panties.
Sexy Valentina Shevchenko might be the hottest female fighter at UFC 215. The MMA hottie is a slim yet toned stunning blonde beauty. Nicknamed "The Bullet", the sexy Shevchenko was born in 1988 and is 5-foot-5.
In a sexy short skirt and black boots, Valentina Shevchenko is a hot MMA fighter.
UFC hottie Shevchenko is not afraid to show off her awesome body! She appeared on the cover of Solle magazine in a tiny white tank top and super short jean shorts. This outfit revealed a lot of Shevchenko's body and left very little to the imagination.
Valentina Shevchenko shows off her awesome muscles in a sexy bikini.
Sexy Valentina Shevchenko obviously works out a lot! Some photos show her very toned abs. All her work on the gym has also given her a very toned ass! Shevchenko has a great butt that looks good in bikinis, short shorts, yoga pants, and jeans.
Valentina Shevchenko "The Bullet" is super sexy.
Not all UFC fighters have large breasts like Gina Carano, the former face of women's MMA, or the retired Miesha Tate (are they implants?). Many female MMA fighetrs, including some at UFC 215, have small breasts. Valentina Shevchenko is not one of these. The UFC hottie has very nice C cup breasts that nicely fill out bikinis, sports bras, and dresses. See more pics of Valentina Shevchenko as well as sexy Julianna Pena.
Valentina Shevchenko's ass looks amazing in this awesome dress.
In order to become the UFC female bantamweight champ, Shevchenko has to beat defending champ Amanda Nunes. Nunes is definitely a bad ass! She won the title by beating super hot Miesha Tate. Nunes then successfully defended her UFC women's bantamweight title by beating former champ, the sexy Ronda Rousey, by TKO.
Amanda Nunes showss off her nipples in a small white bikini top/
Nunes is obviously in great shape. She is a very good UFC fighter. As far as her looks go ... well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
Nina Ansaroff. and Amanda Nunes are one hot lesbian couple.
Someone who definitely likes to behold UFC champ Amanda Nunes is her sexy lesbian girlfriend Nina Ansaroff. Ansaroff is also a UFC fighter and competes in the women's strawweight class. UFC hottie Nina Ansaroff is incredibly sexy! Nunes, the UFC's first openly gay champion, and blonde bombshell Ansaroff have openly talked about having children.
Sexy Nina Ansaroff. and Amanda Nunes snuggle nude.
Nunes vs. Shevchenko is one of five fights on the main card for UFC 215. The preliminary card for UFC 215 on Fox Sports 1 features two other female fights. The preliminary card on UFC Fight Pass does not have any female fights.
Sara McMann has that nice girl next door look with amazing arms.
Former U.S. Olympic wrestler Sara McMann is one of the prelimnary fights on Fox Sports 1. McMann is fighting Ketlen Vieira at bantamweight. McMann is a good fighter and a pretty good looking girl. Do you think Sara McMann is hot?
Ketlen Vieira weighs in in a sports bra and bikini panties.
McMann will be taking on Brazilian fighter Ketlen Vieira. Vieira has been coming on strong in the MMA. She has a perfect 8-0 professional record. Her latest win was over sexy Ashlee Evans-Smith, who is also on the UFC 215 card. Vieira is a pleasant looking girl but no UFC hottie like Rousey, Tate, Shevchenko, or Ansaroff.
Ashlee Evans-Smith shows off her tatoos in sexy thing panties.
The UFC 215 card features three women's bantamweight fights! Sexy Ashley Evans-Smith takes on pretty Sarah Moras in the first female fight of the night.
Ashlee Evans-Smith looks hot in lingerie with her sexy tattoos.
Ashley Evans-Smith is a pretty girl with a very strong body. Evans-Smith posts sexy photos on Instagram and other social media.
Ashlee Evans-Smith looks hot in a sports bra and sexy shorts.
She doesn't seem to mind showing off the hot toned body that she has worked hard for.
Ashlee Evans Smith's cut ass was on display
at UFC 215 morning weighins.
If you like tattoos, then you'll love Ashley Evans-Smith. She is definitely a tattooed sports hottie like sexy bobsleigh athlete Kaillie Humphries.
Ashlee Evans-Smith's black bikini bottoms worked their way up her ass at UFC 215 weighins.

Ashley Evans-Smith has tatoos all over her body and shows them off in sexy bikinis and lingerie. Evans-Smith also has a head tattoo that she displays by shaving her hair.
Ashlee Evans-Smith looks hot as she weighs in in a bra and see-through panties - they show off a bit of a landing strip.
Ashley Evans-Smith is most definitely hot. She has a nice, toned body and is very strong. She could kick your ass. She is not flat. Her boobs are big enough. She has a pretty decent butt. In one of her fights, a purple thong escaped the shorts she was fighting in. Her changing hair styles and tattoos make her even hotter.
This is one sexy photo! Ashlee Smith-Evans. Carla Esparza, and Felice Herrig pose in sexy bikinis.
Sexy Evans-Smith is fighting Sarah Moras. Moras is a very pretty MMA fighter who is known for her crazy hair and for being from Canada. She was part of TUF when Rousey and Tate were the coaches. Moras is 4-2 in MMA.
Sexy Sarah Moras and her crazy hair look good when she takes a sexy selfie in a spots bra and bikini panties.
Sarah Moras has a pretty face. She is a lean and toned athlete. Moras' abs look really good in some photos. She has small breasts but looks good in a bikini.
Sarah Moras shows off her sexy smith and nice ass during a MMA weighin.
Sarah "Cheesecake" Moras puts her ass on display during the weighins for UFC 215.
Sarah Moras' crazy hair usually gets most of the attention, but at UFC 215 weighins her ass drew onlookers too. Even though she cut weight, Sarah Moras' butt looked to be full and nice. Her bikini bottoms wedged up a bit to show off Moras' ass cheeks.

Moras has crazy hair! It is a lot of hair and seems to be very curly! It is pretty wild and helps make Sarah Moras a sexy UFC fighter.
Sarah Moras has crazy hair!