Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sexiest Photos of Olympic Star Ester Ledecka - Hot Instagram Bikini Photos

Ester Ledceka rocks a bikini with awesome abs in a sexy Instagram photo.
Czech snowboarder and skier Ester Ledecka was not only one of the hottest female athletes at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, but also one of the most successful. The sexy slalom specialist won gold medals in the skiing Super G and the snowboard parallel giant slalom. Sexy Ester Ledecka was the first - and only athlete - to win gold in both skiing and snowboarding. See the sexiest photos of Ester Ledecka here.
Double gold winner Ester Ledecka is sexy in a white bikini on a boat. The hot Instagram photos showed the pretty blonde's face, small breasts, and sexy abs.
Ester Ledecka is a blonde beauty who excels at snowboarding and skiing. She captured the hearts and minds of fans at the 2018 Winter Olympics as the two-sport hottie win double gold. Sexy Ester Ledecka has a pretty face and a great smile. The pretty Czech skier/snowboarder has kind of a hot girl next door feel.
Ester Ledecka looks sexy in a small bikini. You get a glimpse at Ledecka's ass. Sexy Instagram photo.
Sexy Ester Ledecka has a slim, athletic body. She is not afraid to show off her sexy body in bikinis on Instagram. In a bikini, Ester Ledecka looks hot due to her slim body and great abs.
Ester Ledecka looks hot in an Olympic racing suit, parka, or bikini top and shorts. Photo from Instagram.
Ester Ledecka is a beautiful blonde. Like many athletes, she has small breasts. Sexy Ester Ledecka likely has A cup or maybe small B cup bra breasts. Ester Ledecka looks really hot in bikinis. She has a nice ass for a skinny white girl.
Sexy Ester Ledecka looks adorable in a onesie. Photo from Instagram.
Ester Ledecka stunned Olympic observers when she won the skiing Super G. She beat sexy skiers Mikaela Shiffin and Lindsey Vonn. Then sexy Ledecka doubled her success by winning snowboard gold in her best event.
Double gold medal winner Ester Ledecka has a beautiful face. Photo from Instagram. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

U.S. Flag Bearer: Sexy Jesse Diggins at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Sexy Jessie Diggins looks hot in a mismatched bikini. Instagram photo.
Sexy Jessie Diggins was chosen to be the U.S. flag bearer for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games closing ceremonies. The hot cross country skier had successful at the Olympics and also is a sexy athlete. See more Instagram photos of Jessie Diggins.
Sports hottie Jessie Diggins and sexy cross-country skiing teammate Erika Flowers Newell rocks bikinis. Instagram photo.
Sexy cross country skier Jessie Diggins and pretty teammate Kikkan Randall won the first Olympic women's cross-country medal ever. They teamed up to win the women's cross-country sprint gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang.
US flag bearer Jessie Diggins having fun in a bikini. Sexy Instagram photo.
Jessie Diggins is one of the hottest athletes at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Sexy Jessie Diggins is not afraid to show off her hot body on Instagram. Her photos include some shots of her training but also bikini Instagram photos. Keep reading for more sexy photos of Jessie Diggins.
Jessie Diggins and friends and teammates in sexy bikinis on the beach. Instagram photo.
Jessie Diggins is very pretty. She has a cute smile, a pretty face. and freckles. Those freckles give the sexy Jessie Diggins the girl next door look.
Sexy flag bearer Jessie Diggins does backflips in a bikini off the dock into a lake. Sexy Instagram photo.
Sexy Jessie Diggins is a slim, fit Olympic cross country skier. Jessie Diggins has a flat stomach and good abs. The sports hottie has a nice butt that she shows off in sexy Instagram bikini photos and videos. Sexy Jessie Diggins like to do back flips into the water while wearing bikinis. The Instagram video captures some good butt shots.
Sexy Jessie Diggins has killer smile and pretty face. Photo from NBC and Pintrest.
Jessie Diggins has a nice, lean body. She has small breasts that she displays in sports bras and bikinis.
Jessie Diggins dances sexy on a mountain. Instagram photo.
The last U.S. Olympic flag bearer for the closing ceremonies was the sexy hockey player Julie Chu.
Jessie Diggins in a bikini. Instagram photo
Sexy Jessie Diggins plays on the beach in a sexy bikini

Jessie Diggins is a beautiful cross-country skier

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hottest photos of worst half pipe skier ever Elizabeth Swaney of Hungary

Who the hell is Elizabeth Swaney and what the hell was the sexy American doing competing in women's half pipe at the 2018 Winter Olympics for Hungary? Sexy skier Elizabeth Swaney had the Internet talking about she skied up and down the half pipe and didn't really attempt a trick. People were attracted to sexy Elizabeth Swaney's strange half pipe skiing, killer smile, and large breasts. Some say Elizabeth Swaney is the worst Olympian ever! She finished dead last!
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Worst Olympian Elizabeth Swaney might not be able to ski the half pipe but she sure can smile pretty. Swaney displayed her great breasts in a shirt with se through mesh. Instagram photo.
Elizabeth Swaney might be an embarrassment to the Olympics, but she is definitely sexy. Elizabeth Swaney is an attractive blonde skier. She has a pretty face and nice blonde hair. Elizabeth Swaney has nice legs. Sexy Elizabeth Swaney's best assets are her breasts. She likely wears a lareg C or maybe a D cup bra. Swaney doesn't seem to like to show off her big tits in a bikini on Instagram. However, Swaney knows what her assets are and displays her nice breasts in low cut shirts on Instagram.
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In a white dress, Olympic skier Elizabeth Swaney shows off her sexy body with large breasts in a tight white dress and heels. Photo from Instagram.
At the 2018 Winter Olympics Hungarian half pipe skier Elizabeth Swaney didn't even try to do a trick. What the fuck was she doing in the Olympics. Sexy Elizabeth Swaney, who is an American, found several loopholes to make her Olympic dreams come true. Some people feel is a joke and embarrassment! They thought she was worse than Eddie the Eagles and the Jamaican bobsleigh team.
Worst Olympic skier ever Elizabeth Swaney tried out for teh LA Raiders cheerleaders. Instagram photo.
Sexy half pipe skier Elizabeth Swaney finished in buck naked last at the Olympics. She competed for Team Hungary, she said, because her grandparents are from Hungary. Swaney qualified for the Olympics by going to small events that did not draw many half pipe skiers (of which there are not relatively a lot) and placed in the top 30,. Even though sexy Elizabeth Swaney's half pipe runs were shit at World Cup events, some competitors would fall and she'd earn more points. That's right - Elizabeth Swaney earned a spot at the Olympics by not falling!
Elizabeth Swaney shows off her cleavage in a low cut dress. Instagram photo.
Sexy Elizabeth Swaney so pissed off Olympic officials with her terrible performance in ski half pipe at the 2018 Winter Olympic that they are trying to reduce the number of qualifying spots so that this travesty doesn't happen again. Elizabeth Swaney might have been the worst skier ever at the Olympics, but she definitely is smart. Swaney figured out a way to qualify for the Olympics without being a good skier. She also graduated from University of California-Berkley and earned a graduate degree at Harvard.
Elizabeth Swaney looking pretty in a flowery dress. Instagram photo.
Elizabeth Swaney seems like someone who loves to try things. She was once a skeleton competitor for Venezuela. In sexy posts on Instagram it also looks liek she tried out for the NFL Raiders Raidetettes and the Utah Jazz dance teams.
Sexy Elizabeth Swaney tried out for the Utah Jazz cheerleaders. Sexy Instagram photo.

Sexy Olympic half pipe skier Cassie Sharpe wins Gold

Gold medal half pipe skier Cassie Sharp looks super hot in a bikini. Photo from Instagram
Canada's Cassie Sharpe is one of the most underrated hotties at the 2018 Winter Olympic in PyeongChang. Sharpe won the gold medal with a dominant performance! However, when fans Google the sexy Cassie Sharpe and see the pics of her without her ski gear on they will be impressed! Cassie Sharpe is a sexy half pipe skier. See sexy skier Cassie Sharpe in a bikini. Check out pics of worst Olympic skier ever.
Gold medal sexy skier Cassie Sharpe's butt looks good in a bikini. Sexy photo from Instagram.
While Canadian half pipe skier Cassie Sharpe bundles up to stay warm, when she strips down she is one hot Olympian. Sexy Cassie Sharpe has that girl next door look. She is cute with a pretty face. Sexy Cassie Sharpe sometimes wears glasses and has that sexy librarian look. If your librarian posts sexy bikini Instagram photos.
Cassie Sharpe's ass looks good in a one piece swimsuit. Photo from Instagram.
Cassie Sharpe has an athlete, trim body. Half pipe skier Cassie Sharpe shows off her hot body on Instagram. Cassie Sharpe has small breasts. Keep scrolling for more sexy pics of gold medal half pipe skier Cassie Sharpe.
Cassie Sharpe looking hot in a bikini floating in a pool. Instagram photo.
Women's half pipe sexy skier Cassie Sharpe has hot tattoos. Even in her sexy bikini photos, you don't seem to see all of her tattoos. Keep scrolling to see her thigh tattoo and tattoo on her arm.
Sexy Cassie Sharpe showing some cleavage and her great abs in a bikini. Sexy Instagram photo.
Sexy skier Cassie Sharpe had the top score in qualifying round for the Winter Olympic ski half pipe. Skiing hottie Cassie Sharpe then went and dominated the half pipe ski finals. Already on her first run she posted the top score. Then sexy Cassie Sharpe bettered it with a 94.40 in her second run.
Cassie Sharpe's cute bum in a bikini as she floats in a pool. Instagram photo.
When France's Marie Martinod fell on her final run, sexy skier Cassie Sharpe knew the half pipe ski medal was her's. However, sexy Cassie Sharpe still went out and did some cool tricks on her final run.
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Pretty Cassie Sharpe
Cassie Sharpe skis in the memory of sexy Sarah Burke. The skiing hottie died before half pipe became part of the Olympics. See the hottest pics of half pipe skier Sarah Burke.
"As always, she is with us every step of the way. We wouldn't be here without you Sarah!"
Cassie Sharpe has sexy tattoos. Instagram photo
 Sexy skier Cassie Sharpe was born in Calgary. She grew up in Comox on Vancouver Island. Ski hottie Cassie Sharpe learned hot ski at Mount Washington. She now lives in North Vancouver.
Cassie Sharpe rocks a bikini. Instagram photo.
Cute Cassie Sharpe and her tattoos. Instagram photo
Cassie Sharpe is very pretty.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Sexy Sarah Nurse: Hockey Hottie Tweeted by Rapper Drake

Sarah Nurse looking hot in a bikini top. Maybe that;s why Drake is hot for her! Instagram photo.
Canadian women's hockey player Sarah Nurse attracted the attention of Canadian superstar rapper Drake with her stunning good looks and hockey ability. Just who is this sexy star on ice? See all the sexy photos of Sarah Nurse here!

2020 update: Adding more sexy bikini photos of hot hockey player Sarah Nurse.
Hockey hottie Sarah Nurse shows off her great
body in a black bikini.
Sarah Nurse's nice boobs on display in bikini tiop

Canada national hockey team member Sarah Nurse in a bikini/
2019 Update: Sarah Nurse has a beautiful face
and a sexy body.

After sexy hockey player Sarah Nurse scored the game winner against the U.S. in the round robin at the 2018 Winter Olympics, rapper Drake tweeted on Twitter:
Only in Canada will you find a sweeter ting that’s going top cheese for a Gino
Now you might wonder what the fuck Drake is talking about! says that a "Sweet ting" is "a very nice girl who is both beautiful and smart." As for "going top cheese for Gino"? That's a hockey term for shooting high for a goal.
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Ice dancing wardrobe malfunction sexy Gabriella Papadakis exposed - see photos

Gabriella Papadakis's breast was exposed due to a wardrobe malfunction at the Winter Olympics.
After sexy skater Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir set a record with the highest ice dance short program French hottie Gabriella Papadakis attracted all of the attention due to an embarrassing figure skating warddrobe malfunction at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeonChang. Ice skating wardrobe malfunctions are not uncommon. This Russian pairs ice skating warddrobe malfunction is one of the most popular posts on oursportshotties.
Gabriella Papadakis's nipple came out to play at the wrong time at the Winter Olympics due to wardrobe malfunction.
A strap broke on French ice dancing hottie Gabriella Papadakis's dress. This figure skating wardrobe malfunction caused Gabriella Papadakis's nipple and breast to be exposed on international television. Sexy ice dancer Gabriella Papadakis said the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction exposing her breast was her "worst nightmare." Even though French sexy skater Gabriella Papadakis' suffered a wardrobe malfunction, she and partner Guillaume Cizeron still were second in the short dance and were challenging sexy Canadian skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir for gold.

Sexy skater Gabriella Papadakis's breast is getting a lot of attention after a wardrobe malfunction at the 2018 Winter Olympics, but her ass looks pretty amazing. Gabriella Papadakis shows off her butt in this cheeky thong bikini in a sxy Instagram photo.

Former Dancing With the Stars star and ex-gold medal ice dancing hottie Meryl Davis tweeted about Gabriella Papadakis' wardrobe malfunction that exposed her nipple: "My heart is broken for G/G today. For something like a costume malfunction to hinder this moment for them is utterly devastating. #pyeongchang2018". Keep scrolling to see more sexy pics of ice skating hottie Gabriella Papadakis. See more ice skating wardrobe malfunctions.
French sexy ice dancer Gabriella Papadakis stuns in a sexy bikini. Hot photo from Instagram.
After a strap broke on her sexy dress, ice dancing hottie Gabriella Papadakis suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in the short dance at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeingChang. Many viewers were watching why are the French skater's wardrobe malfunction they did not stop and fix it instead of letting her boob hang out on international television? Rocker Skating figure skating analyst Jackie Wong explained on Twitter: 
Rule 515: About Papadakis' (& Min's) costume malfunction, the costume failure was not an "adverse condition," so they can't stop program to fix it. Could have fixed it in program, but would've been bad for PCS, or if it took >10sec to fix it, would've been -1.00 - so she left it
Gabriella Papadakis looks super sexy in this photo of her swimming in a bikini. Sexy photo from Instagram.
Gabriella Papadakis is a very sexy ice dancer who skates for France. Skating hottie Gabriella Papadakis has a very pretty face with a prominent nose. She looks like a Greek goddess. Gabriella Papadakis has a pretty smile. She is certainly not the only athlete to suffer a wardrobe malfunction. Sexy Lauren Cheney Holiday's wardrobe malfunction meant show showed her bare ass to many when her shorts were pulled down.
It is dark but if you look closely enough you can see sexy ice dancer Gabriella Papadakis' cute butt cheeks in a bikini. Sexy photo from her Instagram account.
Sexy Gabriella Papadakis has a long, lean, hot body. She is in great shape and has nice legs and a flat stomach. For a skinny white girl, Gabriella Papadakis has a butt that she has shown off in a thong on Instagram. Papadakis has small breasts. Her boobs likely fit into an A-cup bra. Her breast and nipple were exposed in a wardrobe malfunction at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.
Gabriella Papadakis shows off her gorgeous smile in this sexy red dress.
Gabriella Papadakis looks hot in this sexy photo from Instagram.

Gabriella Papadakis and her ice dancing partner looking sexy