Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Hottest Instagram pics of Alexandra Albu sexy MMA fighter from Russia

Alexandra Albu is one of the UFC’s hottest fighters. The Russian MMA hottie is sexy in many ways, but hot UFC fighter Alexandra Albu grabs the most attention with her amazing ass. Aleksandra Albu is unafraid to show off her great butt in hot Instagram photo that are definitely NSFW. Albu displays her awesome ass nearly naked in thongs and covered in skin-tight sexy yoga pants while doing sexy workouts.
At 5-foot-3, 115 pounds, sexy Alexandra Albu has an amazing. It is not a flat, tiny white girl butt. Russian MMA hottie Alexandra Albu’s butt is not gigantic like Kim Kardashian. However, sexy Aleksandra Albu has a very nice ass. Its shape stands out and she looks amazing in dresses, sexy thongs, and hot yoga pants.

On Instagram, Alexandra Albu is great about showing off her awesome ass in great thong pics. Aleksandra Albu posts hot Instagram pics of her wearing sexy thing bikinis that display her near naked ass. 

On Instagram, sexy MMA fighter Alexandra Albu also wears sexy thongs and posts hot belfies and mirror selfies. Whether she is wearing sexy thong panties or hot thing bikinis, Alexandra Albu’s ass looks awesome! The string of the thong slides into Alexandra Albu’s ass crack and shows off her naked ass cheeks.

MMA hottie Alexandra Albu posts a lot of revealing, sexy Instagram photos. Of her approach to Instagram, hottie Alexndra Albu said

 My Instagram depends on my mood. I’m a live human being. I post whatever I feel should be on my page. I don’t see the point of checking with someone else’s opinion. I suppose that visual attractiveness has an impact on a female fighter’s popularity.”
One thing that MMA hottie Aleksandra Albu posts often are sexy workout videos. These show off Alexandra Albu’s amazing butt in sexy yoga pants and short workout shorts.
In one sexy workout video that went viral, Alexandra Albu does squats with a metal pole between her ass cheeks. I don’t even know what you call this sexy workout move.
In addition to her amazing ass, Alexandra Albu also shows off the rest of her sexy body on Instagram. Alexandra Albu has amazing abs. Her stomach is incredibly flat! Sexy Alexandra Albu must do thousands of crunches a day. This sexy MMA fighter has a great six pack. Alexandra Albu’s abs are some of her sexiest features – other than her great ass!

MMA hottie Alexandra Albu does not have big fake tits like Rachael Ostovich, Pearl Gonzalez, or MieshaTate. Alexandra Albu likely has B-cup breasts. Her boobs are not large but they are very nice and look great in Alexandra Albu’s workout tops and sexy bikinis.

In late 2018, it was announced that sexy MMA fighter Alexandra Albu and her amazing ass will return to the UFC octagon after two years away. UFC hottie Alexandra Albu is slated fight MMA cutie Emily Whitmore at UFC 233 on Jan. 29.

Sexy Alexandra Albu made her UFC debut with a win over Lyubov Demidova. She later was to fight cute MMA fighter turned announcer and matchmaker Julie Kedzie but withdrew due to injury. The hot UFC fighter than went on to beat Izabela Badurek and Kailin Curran. Now she will fight cutie Emily Whitmire.

Russian hottie Aleksandra a Albu goes by the nickname as “Stitch” This comes from the Disney cartoon Lilo & Stitch.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Sexy pics of UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Ngannou 2 female fighters

Hot MMA fighter Laure Mueller
UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Ngannou 2 has some hot female fighters. Check out these hotties:
Women's Flyweight Wu Yanan vs. Lauren Mueller
Women's Strawweight Zhang Weili vs. Jessica Aguilar
Women's Strawweight Yan Xiaonan vs. Syuri Kondo

Image result for Syuri Kondo
Hot Syuri Kondo is a former Japanese pop star and actress who is now a hot UFC fighter.
Image result for Syuri Kondo
Sexy UFC fighter Syuri Kondo
Sexy Syuri Kondo

Image result for wu yanan
Sexy Yana Kunitskaya vs Yanan Wu

Jessica Aguilar
Sexy Jessica Aguilar MMA fighter

Image result for yan xiaonan
Yan Xiaonan nips out in a blue sports bra for a UFC fight.

Zhang Weili face off against Danielle Taylor

Lauren Mueller: Hottest pictures of sexy UFC fighter

Lauren Mueller shows off side boob and more in a sexy bikini. Hot Instagram photo.
Lauren Mueller is a sexy UFC fighter. Lauren Mueller is a hot MMA fighter with a great body. Keep reading to see more sexy photos of Lauren Mueller.
Lauren Mueller shows off her great ass in a cheeky sexy black bikini on Instagram.
Sexy MMA fighter Lauren Mueller has worked hard for her hot body. She is unafraid to show off her sexy body in bikinis, sports bras, and other sexy outfits on Instagram.
MMA fighter Lauren Mueller's boobs look big in this Instagram photo.
Hot MMA fighter Lauren Mueller has great abs. The UFC fighter has a toned, athletic, sexy body. Lauren Mueller has a flat stomach with great ab muscles. Especially when hot MMA fighter Lauren Mueller is cutting weight her awesome ab muscles look great. Mueller has six pack abs!
Check out sexy MMA fighter Lauren Mueller's butt in a thong on Instagram.
Sexy UFC fighter Lauren Mueller is hot. Part of what makes her sexy is her nice ass. Check out Lauren Mueller's butt in cheeky bikinis.
Lauren Mueller shows off her great body, including breasts, in a sexy silver swimsuit.
Although hot MMA fighter Lauren Mueller has very nice breasts for a female UFC fighter. She does not have large fake breasts like Rachael Ostovich-Berdon or Pearl Gonzalez. However, Lauren Mueller has nice, real breasts that she shows off in revealing bikini tops.

Hot UFC fighter Lauren Mueller in a sexy bikini
Lauren Mueller is one of the hot fighters on the card for UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Ngannou 2. Mueller is fighting Wu Yanan. The card also includes hot female MMA fighters Zhang Weili vs. Jessica Aguilar and Yan Xiaonan vs. Syuri Kondo.

Lauren Mueller shows off her great abs at a UFC weigh-in.

Lauren Mueller's boobs in a sexy bikini top.

Lauren Mueller hanging out in a bikini with sexy friends. Hot Instagram pic.

Lauren Mueller showing off her great body in a small sports bra and tights.